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The Shred Marketer: Five Tips for Building a Content Marketing Strategy

Jason Frazier
Apr 01, 2020
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Recently, I spoke at AFN’s Branch Manager Conference and was asked about my views on how mortgage loan originators can achieve better results with content marketing. I discussed in-depth about how we need to get to the consumer first, grabbing their attention, and more importantly, retaining that attention. This is where the local MLO is going to win.
I had some great conversations with MLOs after my talk and my message resonated with them to where they were excited to start. It is at that point where a lot of MLOs find trouble. “Where do I start and how do I begin?,” they generally ask. It is usually the top question I get after anything I talk about, so that is what this edition of “The Shred Marketer” will be about.
Stop me if you have heard/seen this type of marketing ...
►Here is what the bond market is doing ...
►Rates experienced moderate to low volatility ...
►Last week, the MBS market improved by ...
►Although business is good, I am always happy to help with your referrals ...
►Flyers on loan programs!!
I see it every day on social media, and I see every day that these posts get little to ZERO engagement. Most of the time, these are automated posts that are the same as every other MLO that is using those services. I think we can all agree that in today's online world, we need our marketing to stand out and be different.
In this industry, people do business with you because they know YOU, like YOU and trust YOU. YOU are the face of your brand. and YOU are the one people want to have a connection with. The top producers I know have this strategy down cold. You start by putting a spotlight on your value proposition, which is a major key to getting new business. It is for this reason that your marketing should not be canned or automated with rates and industry news. Instead, focus on making connections and creating commonality with your audience.
Don't get me wrong … there is a time and place for rates and news if you can be creative with it. With the state of our current digital world with low attention spans and the need for "thumb stopping" imagery, posting about rates and industry news alone won't cut it. But, by taking the time to learn what the consumers care about, what they are searching for and creating your content marketing strategy to match, can make all the difference.
This is why we talk about how to use Google to help them create content and I show MLOs tools that can be used to go deep into trending search terms. As MLOs, you all have a ton of expertise and experience on these mortgage topics, which happens to be exactly what consumers are searching for. They want experts to answer the questions they have, and that is where you can start getting your brand in front of them.
With that, here are my “Pro Tips for MLOs” on where to start with creating a content marketing strategy …
1. Stop thinking about ROI. Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t look for instant success with any one tactic. Have patience, try everything and give it time.
2. Be your own customer. Think about marketing messages you respond to yourself as a consumer. Too often, loan officers think about what THEY like as opposed to what their CLIENTS like.
3. Be where your competitor's aren’t. Right now, there is still a tremendous opportunity to grab attention and reach online. Using voice marketing like Podcasts and Flash Briefings to own market share before the rest of the industry catches on.
4. Give, give, give then ask. Based off of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook, add value above all else. Share your knowledge, and establish yourself as a trusted resource before asking people to do business with you.
5. Focus on the relationship, not the loan transaction. Don’t think of your clients as leads. These are people, and you are helping them with one of the largest financial transactions they’ll experience. Take the opportunity to connect with the emotions of buying a house so you can create a relationship that leads to a customer with lifetime value.

Jason Frazier is chief creative officer for Mortgage X Creative. He may be reached by phone or text at (801) 702-3176, e-mail [email protected] or visit

“You start by putting a spotlight on your value proposition, which is a major key to getting new business. It is for this reason that your marketing should not be canned or automated with rates and industry news. Instead, focus on making connections and creating commonality with your audience.”
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