Top of Mind Enhances Its ‘Client for Life’ CRM Tool

Top of Mind Enhances Its ‘Client for Life’ CRM Tool

May 8, 2020
Top of Mind Networks hired business-to-business sales leader Nick Belenky as executive vice president of sales
Top of Mind Networks has enhanced its “Client for Life” Workflow. Available to users of SurefireCRM, the Client for Life Workflow helps lenders protect market share by creating over 100 distinct opportunities to stay connected with borrowers over a five-year period.
“Lenders can expect to face fierce competition for a significantly diminished pool of purchase loan applicants in the future. Protecting today’s market share—including holding on to a huge wave of recently acquired refi customers—will be a business imperative,” said Top of Mind Chief Creative Officer Sherwood Lawrence. “SurefireCRM’s Client for Life Workflow makes it effortless for originators to stay ‘top of mind’ with borrowers by delivering a steady stream of value-adding content through a carefully selected mix of communication channels, which now includes our exclusive Power Calls and Power Messaging features.”
The Client for Life workflow leverages multiple communication channels to ensure lender messages resonate with customers no matter their individual communication preferences. For purchase customers, the workflow kicks off with a closing gift delivered to the customer’s new home. Over the next 60 months, customers receive a carefully curated mix of high-impact emails, direct mail marketing, personalized voice recordings powered by Surefire Power Calls, and dynamic text messages leveraging Surefire Power Messaging.
Top of Mind’s in-house marketing team leverages decades of marketing and mortgage industry experience to engage customers’ curiosity, excitement and sense of humor, creating emotional connections that make a lasting impression. Unique, personalized outreach is generated for each customer based on individual milestones, from birthdays to loan closing anniversaries to refi opportunities. Lenders can customize the Client for Life Workflow by adding links to their own marketing collateral.