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Emmy-Winning Director Takes Viewers Inside the World of Mortgage Originators in 'LO Confidential'

Nov 30, 2023
LO Confidential
News Director

New reality series offers a glimpse of the mortgage industry's challenges.

Ever wonder what it's like to work on commission in a down market? Emmy-award winning director Kirby Bradley tries to give you a taste with "LO Confidential." 

It's a new reality show released this week on YouTube that follows three loan originators in three Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation branches. 

The three-part series, which totals about 50 minutes, gives people a glimpse of the industry and the current struggles it's facing getting borrowers from pre-approval to close. 

The production started after Bradley and Fairway CEO Steve Jacobson re-established their friendship, which started when they were classmates in Wisconsin. 

Bradley made several corporate videos for Fairway and then proposed joining the company to build out a video production company. 

"Kirby talked to us about how powerful video could be in telling Fairway's story," Jacobson said.  "And then he presented us with the idea of producing a docuseries that would follow three of our origination teams as they work through this tough mortgage market we're in."

The docuseries goes behind the scenes with LOs in Arizona, Texas, and Indiana. It's partially an attempt to recruit loan originators. 

"If a talented originator from outside of Fairway watches the series and becomes interested in learning more about working at Fairway, we'll see that as success," said Bradley. "But whether that happens or not, we think this will be an interesting series to watch for people from within the mortgage industry."

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Christine Stuart is the news director at NMP.
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