How to Help Real Estate Pros in a Post-Refi World

REC. Mar 18, 2021

Hear from Melissa Merriman, REALTOR® with The Melissa Merriman Team at Keller Williams, on what real estate professionals are looking for from mortgage brokers. Melissa has been serving her market for more than 16 years, in good times and bad. She'll be speaking with Plaza Home Mortgage's Matt Coles, Regional Vice President on what it takes to get the job done, especially in the current post-refi world.

In this webinar, they will discuss:

  • What do real estate professionals look for in a mortgage broker when referring a borrower?
  • How do mortgage brokers stay in front of real estate pros with new ideas – work from home moves; growing family; downsizing; reverse mortgages?
  • Can brokers use renovation loans to move some “hard to sell” properties?
Be part of the conversation — attend a live webinar.

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