Sourcing and Marketing to Non-QM Borrowers and Referral Sources for Non-QM Loans

REC. Dec 03, 2020

Your time investment will result in a deeper understanding of the benefits of growing NQM referral sources and borrower contacts. The team at Arc Home will share insights from the top Non-QM originators that will help you set a course for volume and compensation growth in 2021. We will discuss how top mortgage brokers and non-delegated correspondents source NQM borrowers and develop referral sources. Originators will learn how to originate NQM loans as quickly and easily as any agency product. You will leave with actionable takeaways to begin building a base of new customers and attracting new referral sources.

Join Jaye Craft, Regional Vice President, and Louise Woods, Regional Vice President at ARC Home as they help you:

  • Come away inspired and motivated to grow new referral sources.
  • Discover original sources for building relationships with entrepreneurs and influencers in real estate investing, financial services, and self-employed borrowers 
  • Overcome the myth that Non-QM loans are more time consuming and less profitable than prime loans. 
  • Learn how to quickly and effectively integrate Non-QM products into your automated Prime loan flow.
Be part of the conversation — attend a live webinar.