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Can you help struggling Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers?

Andrew T Berman
Aug 27, 2009

Over the last few weeks I have been talking to a host of Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers that have been really struggling this year. In some cases, season vets with 10+ years experience of doing honest, ethical, and profitable originations, just leaving the business. Oddly enough, I have talked to Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers that have been thriving and are having a GREAT year. Individuals who are cranking out loans and having fun doing it. Seems the main difference between those that are struggling and those that are thriving are: Where they are working or their current business model. How they are marketing themselves Where they are buying leads from Having problems dealing with new layers of compliance (i.e. HVCC, TILA, worries about the forthcoming Red Flag rules) Do I even have to mention a lack a wholesalers?  If you can help Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers address these problems, I want to hear from you. Call Karen Krizman or myself at 888-409-9770 ext 4. Cheers, Andrew PS: We have successfully connected Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers with various service providers and lenders for over 16 years with the state Mortgage Press papers and continue to have great success with the National Mortgage Professional Magazine. Only now, we don't just print, we can offer you a campaign that includes print, web, and email marketing starting at $176.
Aug 27, 2009