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NMP January 2011: REOs, Leadership, Ideas for 2011, and So Much More ...

Andrew T Berman
Jan 13, 2011

2011: The Year of Leadership According to Chinese Zodiac, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. However, we at National Mortgage Professional Magazine have dubbed 2011, “The Year of Leadership.” This year, you will see the pages of National Mortgage Professional Magazine focusing on the new leadership of the mortgage industry, as well as provide guidance and insights for the future leaders. Sure, we still will provide tactical guidance on specific topics such as valuations and appraisals (like Charlie W. Elliott's “The Challenges of International Real Estate Appraisals” on page 14), to secondary market (like Dave Hershman's “Why Did They Go Up? on page 18), default management (like Steven Gillan’s piece, “The ‘Fatal Flaw’ in HAMP” on page 21), rules and regulations (like Jonathan Foxx's “Regulatory Compliance Outlook” on page 22 focusing on "New Risk-Based Pricing Rules") and more. But the overall theme of National Mortgage Professional Magazine will be focusing on the newly-crowned leaders of the mortgage industry. However, you will see more of the articles like David Lykken's new column, “Lykken on Leadership” on page 12. David talks about the need for leaders to step up and grab the bull by the horns and start leading! Managing and selling REOs The pages of National Mortgage Professional Magazine covers everything from origination to settlement to the servicing sector of the industry. However, we received an overflowing handful of requests to dedicate an issue on managing and selling real estate-owned (REO) and in this issue, we deliver. Part of this was obviously from the readers who are working at servicers; however, there was also a large number of our production-focused readers who also want to learn more about REOs. For production-focused readers, Jeff Mifsud's "REO Investors ... An FHA Referral Source You Must Have in Today’s Market" is a must-read on page 28. For a "back to the basics look at servicing, be sure to turn to page 29 for David Shelton's "Remembering the REO Basics." Derrick Logan shares with us some insights on property preservation and asset management on page 30 with his article, "Structuring Effectively for REO Disposition." Our REO section is wrapped up by a great commentary from Damien Chiodo on page 31 and his piece, "The Need for Transparency Has Never Been Greater." 11 ideas to ignite your 2011 Our first issue of 2011 also brings you the special two-page spread on pages 16-17, “11 Ideas to Ignite Your 2011.” Here, you will find some quick tips on how to ensure that 2011 will be one of your best years in the mortgage biz. Until next month …       Featured Companies in This Issue ACC Mortgage We Are The Lender. All Decisions Made IN HOUSE.  Accurate Quality Control We Do the Right Thing Right!  BankFinancial Apartment Lending is our business.  Bay Equity LLC Now lending in 10 western states and growing, Bay Equity offers brokers the programs, technology and service to prosper in today’s mortgage environment.  Callfurst Conferencing Solutions for mortgage companies  Calyx Software Point® 7.4 is Coming!  Comergence Compliance Monitoring, LLC Ahh yes... the broker approval desk - gets you all warm and fuzzy just thinking about having to approve and reapprove your brokers, now doesn’t it?  Comergence Compliance Monitoring, LLC Tired of filling out broker applications? Introducing One-For-All® from Comergence.  Compensation Master Innovative Compensation Strategies Recruit and Retain Top Producers  Elliott and Company Appraisers, Inc. Appraisals anywhere in the United States  Envision Direct Your complete mortgage marketing solution  Flagstar Wholesale Lending Take off...with a warehouse line from Flagstar.  Freedom Mortgage The Best Branch Solution, Period.  Frost Mortgage Lending Group What’s Important To You? Multiple Warehouse Lines. 48 Hour Underwriting. 100% Partner Pay Out.  GSF Mortgage Corporation Take the Plunge! Become part of GSF Mortgage’s Professional Branch Network  Guaranteed Home Mortgage Who would you trust with your life? Branch program for professionals...It’s all we do.  HVCC Appraisal Ordering Efficiency Simplified  MBA-NJ/NJAMB Managing in the brave new world of mortgage finance Think Reverse! 320 pages covering every aspect of marketing & originating reverse mortgages.  Mortgage Concepts Helping You Make It Home  Mortgage Insurance Agency The largest writer of State Licensed Surety Bonds, Errors & Omissions, and Fidelity Bond Coverage.  Mortgage Planner CRM/MPC Automate your marketing! Double your sales!  Mortgage Services III, LLC Your Interest is Our Priority!  Nationwide Equities Corp. Nationwide Equities introduces our Reverse Mortgage Partnership Program.  NMLF, Inc. Learn from National Mortgage Learning Foundation  PB Financial Group Corp. Are you tired of non-performing hard money lenders? Then try PB Financial Group, we have a proven closing record.  Radian Guaranty Committed to Promoting and Preserving the Dream of Homeownership.  REMN We’re not afraid to be different.  StreetLinks National Appraisal Services Still leaving your comp validation to chance?  Terrace Mortgage Company Looking for something different in 2011? - Here’s to new beginnings. Celebrating 22 years of wholesale lending.  United Northern Mortgage Bankers Ltd. Change your identity and maintain your independence. Join United Northern Mortgage Bankers.  Windvest Corporation Hard Money Loans.
Jan 13, 2011