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Working With Coronavirus

Rise With NMP
Mar 13, 2020

As we touched on yesterday, more and more people are going to be working from home as the effects of the coronavirus spread. Ken Perry from The Knowledge Coop posted a Facebook video with a few points on how to handle these crazy times by allowing your MLOs to work remotely and guidance for communication.

  • Allow MLOs and staff to work from home, BUT following the Gramm Leach Bliley Act. If your GLB policy covers remote workers, GREAT, but if not, update employees on GLB procedures to ensure that your borrower's data is just as secure at their home as it would be in the office.
  • Use video to communicate with your staff what's going on, what your plans are as a company. Emails are NOT sufficient. Videos from the C-Suite can help massively 
  • Secondary marketing can alleviate the uncertainty that your MLOs might feel with the huge swings in rates by sharing videos with the MLO.
Catch Ken Perry and his co-host Sawyer Jones' full video here
This was featured on the Rise With NMP March 13, 2020 edition.