DealDesk Focus on Deephaven DSCR Loans

Bring your deals, scenarios, and questions as National Mortgage Professional Magazine presents a
DealDesk featuring Deephaven Mortgage’s Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loans (DSCR). Deephaven,
founded in 2012 is one of the largest and oldest Non-QM/Non-Agency investors. They have purchased or
originated close to $9B of Non-QM since 2012. 80%+ of wholesale lenders resell through Deephaven.
Deephaven does not do retail.

The rental market shows no sign of cooling off. In fact,® economists expect rents to grow
by 7.1% in 2022. DSCR loans offer a pathway for real estate investors to get in on the action. We’re
here to discuss how you can use the DSCR loans to help new and experienced real estate investors.
Deephaven’s knowledgeable client development team supports originators through ongoing education
and loan level support. They are the end investor with the ability to securitize or aggregate whole loans
into one of their investment funds and is in a strong financial position to provide stability in any market

DSCR loans will allow you to have the ability to close more loans and separate yourself from the pack.
Present your deals to Jeremy Fraley, Sr Wholesale Account Executive of Deephaven, as he helps you
understand and navigate through:

  • Credit scores down to 620
  • LTVs up to 80%
  • Ability to vest in name of LLC or corporation
  • Loan Amounts up to $2M
  • Minimum DSCR of 0.75x
  • Foreign national programs available
  • No borrower income or employment information required
  • Interest-Only options to maximize property cash flow
  • Cash-Out solutions to unlock equity for future investments
  • No overlays.
Wednesday, August 24, 2022 — August 24, 2022
2:00 PM ET


Deal Desk


Wednesday, August 24, 2022 — August 24, 2022
2:00 PM ET