Mortgage Banker Magazine
August 2021

Talent On Trial

Special to Mortgage Banker Magazine, Bob Mansur draws parallels to 2008 and the need to prepare a flexible workforce; contributing writer Rob Chrisman breaks down the importance of your communication around inflation; and we take on the latest in regulatory changes affecting the home mortgage market.

A senior mortgage banker instructs her LO that he will need to work in the servicing department.
Cover Story
Our Forbearance Future

What to do with all that talent?

Bob Mansur
A busy mortgage broker works from home.
Flexibilities Move Forward

Pandemic Priorities Continue To Drive Industry Modernization

A Mortgage advisor explains inflation to his clients
Value Proposition

What MLOs need to know about housing and inflation

Rob Chrisman
The Story Of Your Success
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Single family homes line an expensive street in San Francisco with the city in the background.
Renters Get Priced Out

Buying a starter home is more affordable than renting in nearly half of the biggest U.S. metros.

Mortgage Banker Magazine
Mortgage Banker Magazine

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