April 2021

Brokers are Banned

We dissect UWM’s bold ultimatum to brokers: work with us, or work with Rocket Mortgage, but you can’t work with both; we show how you can overcome Imposter Syndrome; what changes are happening to the bottom line of house flippers; and what a red hot housing market is doing to potential buyers.

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Cover Story
Brokers Are Banned

UWM’s Mat Ishbia claims authority to set terms for brokerage community. But brokers, wholesalers say unprecedented move could rob brokers of their unique advantage.

Lew Sichelman
Mom holds her child while working from home
Time To Revolt Against ‘More Work, Less Pay’

Establishing and embracing roles, inside and outside of the workplace.

Mary Kay Scully
A businesswoman views her reflection in a glass window with a satisfied look.
Face It: The Mirror Of Success Doesn’t Lie

Too many people feel like they’ve lucked into success, rather than earned it. That can hold you down from reaching your top potential.

Erica LaCentra
The Story Of Your Success
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A businesswoman sits across from two others, being interviewed.
When Trying To Recruit, Obstacle One Is Getting An Appointment

In a hot hiring market, it’s up to you to get in front of the best sales talent.

Dave Hershman
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