October 2021

Fraud Fires Up

The real estate and mortgage markets are booming, and criminals are cashing in. We look at the rise of fraud throughout the mortgage eco-system. Plus, should brokers rely on used office equipment? Will change overwhelm mortgage leaders; how to focus on what makes you shine; and is your tech stack ready to tumble?

A mortgage loan originator who committed fraud in handcuffs.
Cover Story
Crime Stories From The Trenches

Bad brokers, renegade Realtors, treacherous title agents. It’s getting tough out there.

A young LO interacting with new mortgage technology protected from her tablet.
Build A Better Tech Stack

Re-Inventing The Mortgage Lending Business

Nicole Valentin-Smith
A loan officer plans out her business to control her future.
Controlling The Uncontrollable

You can plan to plan as much as possible

Mary Kay Scully
The Story Of Your Success
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A loan officers arm reach up from beneath a pile of papers and work.
Don't Get Worked Up About Being Overworked

Attitude will change burden to bearable.

Harvey Mackay
Leading Through Change

With each change, there will be a grieving process.

Dave Hershman
A woman shrugging her shoulders with a question mark over her face.
Know What Makes You You

It’s not just what you offer, but who you are that will propel (or impair) your sales.

Erica LaCentra
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