February 2021

Going For Broker

In this edition, we take a peek inside the taxes of competing broker groups AIME and NAMB; we dig into the sudden allure of the mortgage broker community as lenders put their wholesale operations on steroids; columnist Erica LaCentra shows why it’s best to step up in contract negotiations; contributing writer Lew Sichelman lays out the case that technology is overwhelming the mortgage market; and Mary Kay Scully says leadership is just a plan away.

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Cover Story
Dearest Broker: Be My Valentine?

Mortgage lenders across the country are getting into wholesale. Step one: Woo the people actually making the loans.

Keith Griffin
A businessman counts money at his desk, thinking deeply.
Is The Bottom Line Better As A Boss?

Become a non-producing manager? Grow a team? Or focus on originations?

Dave Hershman
A young woman in business attire look to the side shy and worried.
Ummm… Hey There…

How to ask someone in your network for a favor

Greg DeLine
The Story Of Your Success
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