New York Home Sales Remain Strong

New York Home Sales Remain Strong

October 13, 2001

Marketing Your Services, Marketing Yourself: What to Look for in HiringMark BoersmaMarketing, hiring employees, recruitment
Many employers will tell you that experience is the best quality
any potential employee can have. They might mention other important
characteristics, but always return to the topic of experience.
Experience is great, but remember it is something a person can
always gain. Foundational values are more difficult to determine
and almost impossible to teach an employee. Any experience is a
plus, but should be considered only when you determine that
foundational values are in place. The following foundational values
are a must:
++Good Communication Skills
++Hard Work Ethic
++Good Listening Skills
Many tests exist to help you determine the personality of
potential employees. This is quite important when determining how
to manage them most effectively, understanding their needs and
wants, and learning what motivates them, and how to help them reach
their potential. This information is also critical in building a
winning business team.
What you offer has great value in today's environment. It is
something that school and studying cannot provide and reading
cannot impart. You have genuine business experience to offer. Do
not underestimate how valuable this is in today's market. Thousands
of college graduates never receive an opportunity to work in the
field they studied. An even greater amount do not receive the best
positions, due to a lack of "real-life" experiences that make their
education come alive.
Emphasize that you are looking for an employee who wants to grow
and develop as an individual. You do not want someone who is only
interested in earning extra money. If he/she does well, works hard,
is patient and follows through on commitments, they will receive
financial rewards. Introduce them to co-workers, superiors and
systems with which they will be working. Explain the business plan
and skills that will be learned. Show that you are committed to
his/her success and growth as an individual.
I would be remiss not to state that this probably will not
work...the first time. Hardly anything works the first time;
however, you are in sales and know this better than anyone. Do not
give up. You will gain experience and find individuals who will
make a difference in your business--something you never thought
Mark Boersma is president of Synergy Solutions. He may be
reached at (630) 393-9909, e-mail or