Risk Vs. Returns

Risk Vs. Returns

November 18, 2001

TCN Cooks Up a BatchMortgagePress.comThe Credit Network, SST Batch Portfolio Processing, analyzing credit information, risk scores
The Credit Network (TCN)
has announced the availability of SST Batch Portfolio Processing,
an automated solution for processing and analyzing credit
information and risk scores on a large number of existing loans.
The solution is available through TCN's Web-based, mortgage
credit-reporting platform, iTCN, which allows
clients to access TCN's credit reporting and services via the
Internet. The system eliminates the process of manually entering
credit requests, along with receiving, analyzing and, eventually,
extracting the score information from the report.
SST Batch Portfolio Processing enables clients to submit a group
of credit requests to TCN at once, in a common delimited file or
spreadsheet. TCN will then pull all necessary information from the
file, process it and automatically send a notification of the
completion. The new report allows customers to view borrowers'
demographic information, risk scores and credit report information.
For more information, visit www.tcnlink.com or call (800)