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AllRegs Runs a Winning Horse

National Mortgage Professional
Nov 14, 2002

Focus on Countrywide: Senior Vice President Joseph HarveyMortgagePress.comwholesale, lending, NAMB Joseph Harvey is senior vice president for the eastern division of the Wholesale Lending Division of Countrywide Home Loans, America's Wholesale Lender. He is responsible for the daily production and operation of the Wholesale Lending Division's four eastern regions, which encompass 28 local branches, east of the Mississippi River. In this capacity, Mr. Harvey has the distinction of working closely alongside Mortgage Brokers, many of whom are members of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers. "I have maintained a long-time, continued support of NAMB. Countrywide's constant involvement has allowed us to assist the association in making their voice heard from both a legislative standpoint on Capitol Hill, and as major players in the mortgage origination market." "It is important for Countrywide to recognize the roles that Mortgage Brokers play, the roles they have played and will continue to play in attaining their large market share. We believe that they are going to remain a major force in mortgage lending, and by partnering with NAMB, it adds value to my company's role within the industry," explains Mr. Harvey. According to Mr. Harvey, product diversity, dedication, stability and customer service are the keys to selecting a good lender, which are qualities that he feels his company both possesses and applies. However, like any good broker, he believes that the borrower's needs should take precedence: "Our primary goal is to point the borrower towards the loan, pricing and product that best fits their needs." Mr. Harvey also credits the broker-business partnership for a large percentage of the record-breaking year (2001) in applications, pipelines and funding that Countrywide has enjoyed. "We owe a large part of the record-breaking months we have enjoyed to the dedication of our employees and the brokers whom we serve," he says. "With more than 50 branches providing easy access across the country, we have footprints in more areas than most other lenders." He also points to technology as a major deciding factor for the success of the mortgage industry in the coming years. "The key for the continued success of the wholesale lender and their partner, the broker, has been largely due to technology. The way that brokers receive pricing is instantaneous, and I believe that we have only touched the tip of the iceberg. With the development of online closing services, we are in a good position to take what we have now to the next level." Mr. Harvey feels that with a strong NAMB membership, a sense of participation and a pronounced national presence, the industry will flourish for years to come. "Mortgage Brokers have steadily escalated their percentage of mortgage originations through the years, and will remain a major force in mortgage lending. Brokers will continue to enjoy a great relationship with us, due to the human relationships that they offer us."
Nov 14, 2002
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