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A Passion For Freedom

National Mortgage Professional
Dec 02, 2002

NAMB President's Corner:A President's Thoughtsmortgagepress.comNational Association of Mortgage Brokers, NAMB, HR 4213, As this past calendar year has come to a conclusion, I find myself reflecting on many of the events of 2000. The National Association of Mortgage Brokers continues to make significant strides each year, and this past year was no exception. However, the landscape of the mortgage industry is not static but rather, ever-changing. The evolution of our industry calls for dedicated leaders, committed volunteers and the courage of all to seek higher ground for the industry we love so much. Mortgage reform has been an NAMB agenda priority for nearly five years, dating back to the initial HUD negotiated rule making, through the Mortgage Reform Working Group, to the more recent sessions at HUD, with participation from the industry and consumer advocates. There has been a joint HUD/Fed report, hearings held on the Hill and eradicating predatory lending has become an industry mission. NAMB has been there from the very beginning, participating in all aspects of discussion and establishing itself as a force in the industry. We have spent our time, money and effort to be treated as both a leader in total mortgage reform and as an equal in the origination of mortgage loan requests. The introduction of HR 4213--The Consumer Mortgage Protection Act of 2000--in the last Congress has now set the tone for our new Congress. And now, after all that we have done, we stand at the crossroads of what will define our industry for many years to come. True mortgage reform is within our grasp. It has become an issue that many committee chairs and legislators on the Hill want to address now. Over the past few months, NAMB has been working with its industry partners to achieve a revolution in our industry that will level the playing field and bring the association into the new millennium--rules and regulations that will be fair to both consumers and the industry; rules and regulations that will simplify the mortgage process and make it understandable to all involved. We cannot afford to be worn, weak and non-responsive. I need each and every member of the mortgage industry to renew their commitment, gather their strength and unite with NAMB to achieve the goals that we have pursued for so long. United, we can achieve our final destination, the last rung in the ladder of leadership and change the face of our industry forever. I have always been fond of saying that there are really only two types of people involved in changing our industry for the better--people who participate and people who observe. As we near this critical time in our profession, I realize that I have been wrong. There are really three types of people in the industry--those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. Change is approaching at the speed of light. If you don't want to wake up one morning and wonder what happened, then become involved, become educated and join the National Association of Mortgage Brokers. At the very least, you should be informed enough to compete in the new world that will shape our industry. Without information, insight and action, you will be ill equipped for the future and become a casualty of the inevitable. I ask those that make things happen to continue the good fight. I ask that those who watch what happens to become involved and help us achieve success. Lastly, I ask those who seem to constantly wonder what happened to re-prioritize their lives, get informed and help secure the future of their industry. Neill E. Fendly, CMC, President National Association of Mortgage Brokers
Dec 02, 2002
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