Mortgage Industry Makes Its Mark on Inc 500

Mortgage Industry Makes Its Mark on Inc 500

November 15, 2002

InterFirst Breaks $10 BillionMortgagePress.comInterFirst, Willie Newman, Record-Breaking Production
September was a landmark month for InterFirst
Wholesale Mortgage Lending, which totaled a record-breaking
production of nearly $10.7 billion, representing more than 66,300
funded loans, shattering the companys previous record, set in
To have back-to-back record-breaking months is truly an amazing
accomplishment, said InterFirst president William Newman.
InterFirst has managed to maintain monthly production in excess of
$8 billion dollars each month for more than a year, which is
indicative of the quality of InterFirsts products as well as the
dedication of its business partners, sales and support staff.
The companys year-to-date production totals $66.14 billion, with
419,382 loans funded.