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Feb 25, 2001

Universal Numbers Reducing Mortgage FraudMortgagePress.comAffinity Corp, u-9, fraud, tpo certificationAffinity Corporation, the West Hills, California-based developer of fraud protection services and software, has developed a U-9 universal numbering system for secondary market investors, lenders, insurance firms and Internet mortgage service providers to identify and track all participants in the mortgage loan origination process. Affinity Corporation's U-9 provides the standardized identification system that the mortgage industry has sought for years, with additional benefits. Among its uses, the U-9 helps prevent fraud by tracking both positive and negative information. The assigned U-9 numbers also enable lenders, quality control and human resource managers to track individuals from job to job and even across state lines. Affinity has assigned approximately one million nine-digit U-9 numbers, including licensed Mortgage Brokers, loan officers, loan originators, and appraisers listed in the National Registry. Wholesale lenders are using the U-9 system to expedite Mortgage Broker approvals, quickly identify all parties related to loan originations, and will soon be able to more accurately review their loan pools. Human resource managers can also obtain a standardized background report on potential employees from Affinity simply by providing the U-9 number. Mortgage Brokers and TPO's also benefit from Affinity U-9 numbers which provide faster approval by wholesale lenders and instant access to industry Web sites including U-9 numbers will soon provide access to, and IMX Exchange among others. "The U-9 number is a unique identifier for each and every individual and business that operates and services the mortgage banking and real estate industries," noted Affinity President Richard Ward. The U-9 system also identifies Mortgage Brokers who enroll in Affinity's TPO Certification Program. To obtain lender approval, brokers simply provide their U-9 number. As part of its service, Affinity then submits certified broker applications to the lenders of their choice. U-9 numbers and background reports are stored in Affinity's National Fraud Protection Database (NFPD) which took the company two years and nearly $4 million to develop. The NFPD, which contains more than one billion mortgage-related records, is the largest repository of public and private mortgage fraud information in the United States. Information includes licensing, insurance, recent loan transactions, banking data and criminal investigations. TPO Certification Program Debuts Universal Lender Application Affinity Corporation's TPO Certification Program has now standardized the entire lender application process with a single, universal application which saves time, money and provides broker access to wholesale lenders nationwide. Universal Lender Application TPO Certification enables Mortgage Brokers to obtain approval from dozens of participating lenders by submitting supporting documents just one time. When submitting for lender approval, brokers simply provide their Affinity registration number. Affinity will provide their certified TPO Applications to each lender. Brokers save hours by completing just one universal lender application. They are also notified when license renewals, E & O insurance and other information expires and requires updating. Lenders are notified as soon as the new information is received, eliminating the need to submit new lender applications or update forms. To help brokers expand the number and type of wholesale lenders they work with, Affinity will submit their TPO file to participating lenders of their choice. In addition, a one-time Affinity registration helps reduce the number of multiple credit inquiries from lenders, which can lower overall credit ratings. How The Program Works The Affinity Corporation has worked with leading national secondary market investors, wholesale lenders and brokerage firms to standardize Mortgage Broker approvals. Now brokers simply fill out a universal application and attach copies of licenses, dba filings, E & amp; O and fidelity bond insurance policies and other documents just once. Applications are then submitted to Affinity with a one-time enrollment fee. Affinity reviews all broker documentation, obtains a credit report and score, performs any extended services lenders may require, certifies the file and issues the broker an Affinity Universal Registration Number. Brokers save time by filling out a single lender application, having their files automatically updated, and provide their Affinity registration number to obtain lender approval.
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Feb 25, 2001
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