Huntsville Housing Developments Announces Fannie Mae Partnership

Huntsville Housing Developments Announces Fannie Mae Partnership

February 25, 2001

The Associates Free Loan CustomersEric C. PeckAssociates, Freedome Loan, Mike MeyersAssociates First Capital Corporation recently announced the Freedom Loan, designed to reduce
interest rates up to 2.25% for real estate loan customers who make consecutive on-time
"The Freedom Loan will change the face of the home loan industry by offering these rate
reductions," said Mike Meyers, Associates First Capital Corporation Senior Vice President of
Consumer Marketing.
The Freedom Loan, made public Jul. 1, is available to all customers across all credit grades.
Rate reduction of one-half of one percent is given to customers who make 12 consecutive on-time payments. After an additional 12 consecutive on-time payments, the rate is reduced by
three-quarters of one percent. Over the course of three years, customers who abide by the
guidelines of the Freedom Loan can receive a total rate reduction of up to 2.25%. "Once a
consumer earns a rate reduction, they never lose it," noted Mr. Meyers. For example, a customer
with a 15-year loan of $50,000 with an 11.99% APR would save approximately $10,000 in
interest over the life of the loan.
The Freedom Home Loan allows Associates First Capital Corporation to enjoy a longer
relationship with customers. The unique features of The Associates Freedom Home Loan
differentiate it from other products in the marketplace, and by rewarding customers who pay on
time, The Associates will lower costs in terms of collections and delinquencies-a benefit to both
The Associates and the consumer.
"For most borrowers, the only recognition they get for paying their loans on time is the payment
received notice on their monthly statement," remarked Mr. Meyers. "We are trying to do
something that goes beyond that."
For more information on The Associates Freedom Loan, call (800) 841-3875.