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The Burgeoning Broker

Jul 21, 2005

Two Outs, Man on Second Base: NAMB President-Elect A.W. Pickel Takes His Practice SwingsMichael SimonNAMB, A.W. Pickel, HUD, Mel Martinez, Armand Cosenza Jr. If the National Association of Mortgage Brokers were a baseball team, they would currently be facing relief pitcher U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Mel Martinez on the mound, AARP at shortstop, and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) in left field. That being said, NAMB President-Elect A.W. Pickel has the unique distinction of being on deck while one of the greatest battles in association history plays itself out, and like a critical World Series at-bat, his performance will depend both on his own ability and the batters before him, namely President Armand Cosenza Jr. I feel like Armand has kept me very much in the loop and has done a phenomenal job in his tenure as President. Im counting on him solving all the problems for me. Though tongue-in-cheek, A.W. is relatively confident that a finalized version of the problemsHUDs Proposed Rule, for those who arent keeping scorewill be published by spring. But if it is not, that only tells me that I have that much better of a shot in my term to communicate with HUD to make the Rule meaningful to both our industry and the public. And, as if Armand were to hit a ground-rule double, Pickel will do whatever it takes to bring him home, with the help of the NAMB Board of Directors. We are operating off of a game plan, and the entire Board is actively involved and actively against this Rule. We wouldnt allow the burden to be carried on one persons shoulders. That would be a bit presumptuous of us. Thus far, the fight has certainly been a team effort. I think that the efforts of the Mortgage Broker to take time out of their day, to write letters, give money and basically just be involved with the grassroots efforts are commendableI couldnt be more proud to be in an association like this. Its that very pride which will carry A.W. through the next 15 months, past HUDs wild pitches and well into the extra innings. I think we need to expand our membership to those brokers who are not currently members, but are still reaping the benefits of our hard work. These non-dues-paying members, as Pickel calls them, are peppering the crowd and, while criticizing every bad play that NAMB makes, offer little else in the way of support. I think what we need are fair laws that do not prohibit business, but rather encourage responsible lending. It may be Alan Greenspan who lowered the rate, but it was Allen Schmidt of Wichita, Kansas who wrote the loan. Im willing to bet that there are hundreds, if not thousands of other responsible Mortgage Brokers who are keeping our economy going. At this critical juncture of the game, NAMB couldnt hope for a better man to be stepping up to the plate. I believe in the Mortgage Broker, I believe they are the best option for the public, and therefore Im more than happy to serve my time. With their backs against the walls, A.W. Pickel is confident that NAMB will pull out that clutch hit that will put them ahead on the scoreboard for good. We will not go down easy, and frankly, I dont think were going down at all.
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Jul 21, 2005
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