What financial planning is not

What financial planning is not

December 6, 2004

Be passionate about what you do!Doug Andersonmotivation, career, mortgage broker
I saw something special recently, the sixth game of baseball's
American League Division playoffs between the Boston Red Sox and
the New York Yankees. After sort of a lackluster playoff series
where everyone expected the perennial favorites to win it all, Curt
Schilling, pitcher for the Red Sox, pitched his heart out for seven
strong innings in the sixth game to lead the BoSox to a "winner
take all" final game to determine who will represent the American
League in the World Series. The commentators of the game kept
remarking about how Schilling had the Yankees in check and how he
had brought his "game" tonight. Yet after the game, in a quiet
interview with Schilling in the tunnel leading from the Yankee
Stadium, with all of his teammates in the locker room
congratulating each other, this wearied warrior said he gave all he
had. He confessed that after the fourth inning, the only thing that
had kept him on the field was his heart and his belief system. I
reflected back on those days when all I had was what I believed in
my heart was the right thing; when all that was left in my tank
after a tough month, a rough week or a grueling day was the
knowledge that I had done my best to take care of my clients.
In many ways, mortgage brokers have had an awesome year.
Business has been exceptional; the mortgage industry, led by the
National Association of Mortgage Brokers, defeated the U.S.
Department of Housing and Urban Development's proposed RESPA rule
that tried to limit our role in the marketplace. And, we have
improved the public's opinion of us. However, we know that the
hungry wolf is leering around the corner. The economy is taking a
hit with fuel prices doubling to near $60 per barrel, which
translates into more than $2 a gallon at the gas pump, higher
inflation and increasing interest rates. The mortgage bankers are
licking their chops to see how many of us mortgage brokers make it
through a tough winter of declining applications. And, of course,
HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson has warned that they will be back
with a new RESPA reform rule very shortly.
So, you may ask, why the passionate baseball story at the
beginning of this article? I believe this winter is an awesome
opportunity for all of us to sit by ourselves and then with our
teams to see where our passions lie. Why are we in this incredible
industry? Where is your passion and where is it driving you? You
can make many changes in your world, your community and your family
if you are happy with what you do and know why you do it. Baseball
is just a sport, the presidential election is just politics and
mortgage brokering is just a career. Living your life with love and
passion is everything.
So, by now the ship has been righted. The Boston Red Sox have
won the World Series, the nation has elected a new leader and I
still know why I picked up that call today. I just might keep
another family from finding the wrong mortgage broker who doesn't
care like I do. I'll give them the service and products that are
best for their needs.
After all, that is my passion.
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Doug Anderson is the owner of Denver, Colo.-based Washington
Park Mortgage LLC. He may be reached at (303) 744-8138 or e-mail