Using your Internet domain name

Using your Internet domain name

December 7, 2004

IndyMac renovates QuickPricermortgagepress.comQuickPricer, IndyMac, technology
IndyMac Bancorp Inc. customers can now select multiple loan
products when submitting a pre-qualification through QuickPricer,
IndyMac's online pre-qualification, pricing and rate-locking
QuickPricer allows IndyMac customers to submit a loan and
determine if their client qualifies for up to three
productsinterest-only adjustable-rate mortgages, hybrid and pay
option ARMs, or fixed and lien productsin one step. QuickPricer
will return available rates and pricing for each product, making it
easy to compare products and evaluate which option meets their
borrowing needs and circumstances.
With this feature, the QuickPricer platform will also provide
originators with a comparison summary, offering one program per
product with up to five pricing scenarios each. Once a loan program
has been selected, it is converted into e-MITS, IndyMacs online
loan decisioning tool.
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