Trade groups forecast strong 2005 after ‘04 boom

Trade groups forecast strong 2005 after ‘04 boom

January 5, 2005

Selling mortgages is not rocket science: Teach those you are servingDave Hershmansales, public speaking, mentoring, training
Want to be seen as more than just a "pushy" salesperson? You are
not alone. It is the goal of most salespeople to be seen as more
than just someone peddling goods. We would like to be described as
one who:
*delivers high quality service;
*fills the needs of our clients; and
*adds value to the lives of our clients.
The question remains: "If we are selling for a living, how do we
move from being thought of as a salesperson to being thought of as
a consultant?" More significantly, how do we move up to the role of
industry expert? To be thought of as an expert, we must change the
perception of those we sell to. We have to elevate ourselves in
their eyes. We must bring value to their lives.
There is nothing that brings more value to people's lives than
being a teacher or a mentor. Bestow your wisdom to your clientele
and the rewards will be great for both you and them. The topic does
not matter, as long as it enriches the lives of those who attend.
The more value you bestow, the higher you elevate yourself in the
eyes of your clientele. Why would any of your clients deal with a
salesperson when they could be dealing with an expert? Have you
always wanted to teach, but are just not comfortable with the
topic? Or, perhaps you are not comfortable speaking in public?
Regarding the first challenge, remember that the topic does not
have to be complex. Those attending your seminars are not
necessarily professionals in your field, and if you get too
complex, they will become confused. In addition, you don't have to
teach the topic by yourself. For example, if you are teaching home
buyers and are speaking on the topic of tax benefits, call in a
Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Split up the curriculum evenly,
so that you both appear as experts. When you do this, you are in a
position to setup a reciprocal referral relationship with the
professional with whom you are sharing the stage.
Not comfortable speaking in public? You are not alone. Public
speaking is one of the greatest fears in America, and there is a
great organization dedicated to help those increase their speaking
skills called Toastmasters. Most areas and regions have a local
Toastmasters Chapter. In addition, if you would like a copy of an
article specifically designed to help you progress in the area of
public speaking, call The Hershman Group at (800) 581-5678.
Your topics and material need not be complex. They just need to
be both highly organized and aimed at helping others achieve their
own goal of being more financially secure. What may seem mundane to
you is fascinating to others who are not within your realm of
What is the best practice for training your clientele? Begin
this process as a mentor to someone within your industry. Remember,
who helped you when you started off? Nothing will boost your
confidence more than knowing you are helping someone with their
career. The topics you teach them will provide an excellent basis
for putting together training seminars.
As a matter of fact, it would not be out of the question to
assign the task of assembling an outline of such a seminar to your
student. Have them sit through a dry run of the topic and comment
on the value as part of their training. Deliver value to more than
one party at one time!
Yes, we are all trying to earn more money in sales. Our success
is based upon how we do versus the competition ("The Number One
Loan Officer"). Most of us would like to achieve more than
financial success. We would like to know that we are providing
value to the world, and training is an excellent way to earn more
and do more!
Dave Hershman is a leading author and top speaker for the
mortgage industry with six books-including two best sellers for the
Mortgage Bankers Association of America. His newsletters are used
by Mortgage Brokers to provide value to previous customers,
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