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National Mortgage Professional
Sep 28, 2006

"Climb the Highest Peaks" a success!Walt Scott Jr.membership contest, winners, outstanding efforts, recruiting new members The preliminary results for the National Association of Mortgage Brokers membership contest are in! The first quarter was a huge success for the states that participated in the contest, and the prizes have been awarded to the winners for their outstanding efforts in recruiting new members for their state associations and NAMB. As we close the first quarter of the contest, NAMB would like to thank the following states for such strong support of the contest and very strong reporting of member referrals: California, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio and South Carolina. In a contest like this, NAMB has to depend on our state affiliates to report referrals to us so they can count toward the contest, and these states proved that we can depend on them to respond when we need them. These states also were willing to step up and work with the contest sponsor and on their own to promote the contest to their members within their state. Well done! Now, here's the important part - the winners! The grand prize winner with 43 newly recruited members is Travis Cline from Apex Mortgage Services in Ohio. Travis' secret weapon was his belief that he had benefited from membership in the Ohio Association of Mortgage Brokers and NAMB, so it was easy to convince others to join as well. He heard the call from OAMB board member David Earnest, who convinced Ohio members that the contest should be a priority. He felt it was easy to educate potential members on the issues facing the industry, and once people were educated, they were willing to help by becoming new members. This is a terrific example of state leadership seeing the potential benefit to their state in terms of new members and strongly encouraging their membership population to participate. And, in an even more impressive turn of events, Travis has volunteered to donate either the marketing package or the cash prize to his state association. Now that's someone who really wants to help his association. Bravo, Travis! The first place winner with 38 newly recruited members is Erick A. Parker, CMC, CRMS from Third Financial Service Corporation, also of Ohio. Erick is the current OAMB president, so he has set an impressive example for everyone else in his membership. Way to go, Erick! The second place winner with 36 newly recruited members is Chris Rines from Kemper Mortgage, again from Ohio. Chris also clearly heard the call issued by Ohio leadership and achieved Platinum Medallion status at the same time. Great job, Chris! We'd also like to give honorable mentions to our third and fourth place winners. In third place was Florida's Rosie Granata from Nations Title Agency of Florida with 32 newly recruited members, and in fourth place was NAMB Immediate Past President Jim Nabors, CMC, CRMS from Citizens Banking Company in Ohio with 19 newly recruited members. It's not too late to get involved. There are still two more quarters left (Sunday, April 1 through Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, July 1 through Sunday, Sept. 30). To maximize your recruiting potential and help attract the most new members, incorporate these tricks and tips into your recruiting efforts: 1. Use the NAMB membership contest site ( to spread the word. Add a forward slash and the postal abbreviation for your state at the end of the Web site address to customize it to your state. For instance, Arizona's site would be If your state association has not set up its site yet, urge your state leaders to contact Corey Bretsch at Superior Internet solutions to do so. The site is free to any state that wants one. 2. Review the flyer sent in your membership renewal package. 3. Learn this number: (888) 968-8808, ext. 334. That is the direct line for Corey Bretsch, the contest contact, and Superior Internet Solutions, the contest sponsor. Corey is ready and able to help you grow your membership as soon as possible. He can also be reached at [email protected] Hop on board, and let's continue to "Climb the Highest Peaks" together! 4. If you do not find the information, contact your membership chair in your state. 5. Please visit contest sponsor Superior Internet Solutions' Web site at In case you aren't familiar with the contest, NAMB launched the "Climb the Highest Peaks" membership contest in October 2006 with the help of contest sponsor Superior Internet Solutions. "Climb the Highest Peaks" was designed to provide NAMB members a direct benefit for assisting in building the NAMB membership. NAMB is facing serious challenges in the coming month, and we need sizable strength to protect our industry from outside forces, much like the sudden storms that roll into a mountainside and wreak havoc on a climbing expedition. These forces are trying to put brokers out of business! A strong membership of educated and dedicated mortgage professionals helps to show the world, customer by customer, the value that the mortgage broker adds to the home-buying process. "Climb the Highest Peaks" rewards the NAMB members who take it upon themselves to spread the word to their loan officers, business associates and even competitors next door about the purpose of NAMB. It rewards those who take their responsibility to be an involved mortgage broker seriously and communicate the compelling reasons to others about how to make a difference in the formation of laws that will dictate their lending options at the state and national levels. The contest works hand-in-hand with another member benefit that NAMB already has in place to reward those members who recruit other new members. In existence since 2004, the Medallion Membership Program aims to give back to those who recruit. For recruiting five new members, a member achieves Silver level. At the Silver level, the recruiting member receives a lapel pin, a special membership certificate and a 10 percent discount on registration fees for NAMB events. Once someone recruits 15 new members, he achieves Gold level. At the Gold level, the recruiting member receives a lapel pin, a special membership certificate and a 15 percent discount on registration fees for NAMB events. After recruiting 25 new members, a member achieves Platinum status. At the Platinum level, the recruiting member receives a lapel pin, a special membership certificate and a 20 percent discount on registration fees for NAMB events. The contest has been a fabulous boon for the program. In the first quarter alone, we were able to increase the number of Platinum level members from two to five! That's an enormous contribution both to NAMB and to the states that those platinum members are from. So what you find is that even if you don't win one of the contest prizes, there still truly is a benefit for recruiting new members for NAMB. All in all, NAMB could not be happier with the outcome of the first quarter of this contest. Our membership numbers finished up the year strong in a down market. We've seen a huge increase in the number of referrals by existing members - more than 292 members stepped up to recruit. This is partly due to the increase in actual referrals and partly due to the increased reporting by each state. Not only does this strengthen membership numbers, which is a benefit for everyone, it helps NAMB expand the amount of recognition we are able to provide through the Medallion Program at the national level. We could not have done it without the help of all our states and our contest sponsor, Superior Internet Solutions. Walt Scott Jr. is chair of the NAMB Membership Committee. He may be reached at (800) 490-3039 or e-mail [email protected]
Sep 28, 2006
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