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Apr 22, 2007

InterBay signs Aikman and Howe for 2007 campaignsMortgagepress.compromotional appearances, national spokesperson, ad campaign InterBay Funding LLC has announced that National Football League Hall of Famer Troy Aikman will line up for a second consecutive year as their national spokesperson and that National Hockey League Hall of Famer Gordie Howe has signed on as InterBay's Canadian national spokesperson. Last year, Aikman's popularity helped the company score big, introducing a growing number of mortgage professionals to its stated loan programs. Known internationally as "Mr. Hockey," Howe will appear in a promotional mix that includes trade ads and special appearances endorsing InterBay's lending services. "This year's campaign will showcase Aikman promoting the success stories of small business owners that have benefited from InterBays loans," says Thomas Brubaker, InterBay vice president of marketing. "InterBay offers a series of resources designed to help brokers learn the business and succeed. Aikman will coach brokers in new trade ads to 'Get in the Game' and win big in the lucrative small commercial lending market." In addition to the ad campaigns, both Aikman and Howe will make promotional appearances at a number of conferences and events. "Gordie Howe is one of the greatest hockey players of all-time, known for his aggressive playing style," says Brubaker. "We're also impressed with his sustained level of excellence throughout a career spanning five decades. It's that kind of commitment and dedication that we pledge to helping brokers win big in small commercial lending." In addition to a distinguished record on the field, Aikman has successfully made the transition from NFL superstar to entrepreneur. As president of Troy Aikman Enterprises, he presides over an aggressive business portfolio that includes a car dealership, NASCAR Nextel Cup racing team, merchandise sales and real estate. "As an entrepreneur, I'm very familiar with InterBay's proven record of investing in dreams and opening doors of opportunity to thousands of ambitious, now prosperous small business owners," says Troy Aikman. "It's an honor to represent a company that values motivation, determination and increasing your chances of success." Howe's impact on hockey is remarkable, with 32 pro seasons, 2,589 career points, 1,071 goals, 29 all-star appearances, all-time regular season scoring champion, all-time game winning goal champion, and the only athlete in the world to play against players in every decade of the pro league's existence. His extraordinary talent and fame helped the NHL expand more than 350 percent during his tenure and also spawned a new leaguethe World Hockey Association. When Howe retired from the sport, he held more records than any team athlete in history. He is the first player in NHL history to play a major sport with two sons professionally for seven years, as Howe came out of retirement in 1973 to team up with them. They won the championship that year with Mr. Hockey, the MVP at the age of 45 and his son, Mark, the rookie of the year. "InterBay is an innovative leader and fulfills a very unique niche in the marketplace," says Howe. "I'm honored to serve as the spokesperson for a company that goes above and beyond to support the growth of small business." For more information, visit
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Apr 22, 2007
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