ResMAE expands swiftly

ResMAE expands swiftly

November 13, 2005

Advectis adds The StoneHill Group to list of QC providersMortgagePress.comAdvectis, The StoneHill Group, BlitzDocs, quality control
Advectis Inc. has
announced the addition of The StoneHill Group Inc. to
its BlitzDocs Certified Quality Control (QC) Provider Program. The
certification program ensures lenders and investors that QC and due
diligence providers are fully-trained and prepared to deliver their
services via the BlitzDocs Collaboration Suite.
To be certified as a BlitzDocs Certified QC Provider, a company
must be proficient in performing quality control and due diligence
services on image-based loan folders, complete a BlitzDocs
certification training course and test, be a member of the Mortgage
Bankers Association of America, and demonstrate a core competency
in underwriting and delivery of due diligence services.
Based in Atlanta, The StoneHill Group Inc. is a nationwide
provider of quality control audit services, due diligence services,
post-closing, FHA-insuring services, collateral audits for FHLB
member banks and mortgage consulting services. For more
information, call (877) 399-1936 or visit
Advectis Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, is a provider of
software and services to the mortgage industry. For more
information, call (877) 200-8700 or visit