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Nov 21, 2005

Mortgage technology and beyond ... Business Plan 2006John D. SvirskyBusiness Plan 2006,Svirsky We are halfway through the first decade of the new millennium, so it is time to create a new plan for business and for our lives. It is a good time for each of us to plan based on all that we have achieved up to now. It is time to recognize how much we have grown, incorporate techniques that worked for us, and weed out the many business practices that we have used and just don't work today. I want to be inspired to greatness; I want to benefit from the talents and expertise of others, and allow them to help me reach my greatness and vision. I know from much personal experience that I have started many projects, only to fizzle out before the finish line. For example, how many diets have I started on a Monday only to be back to my old ways by the following Monday? Does this sound familiar? That is why when I saw the promotional literature for this upcoming seminar, Business Plan 2006, the title alone spoke to me. I wrote to the promoters to ask more about it. This article is the result of me reaching out to them, not some public relations person asking me to write an article. Also, I will be investing my own money to go to this seminar, so I am putting my money where my word processor is. I am doing something that I have rarely done in my years of writing these reviews--promoting something that has not yet happened. I have always prided myself on the fact that I only review products that have made me money and you, too, can benefit from. I weed out what does not work for me, so you can benefit from my experience and then make your own decisions. This time is a little different. But, I have a good feeling about Business Plan 2006 and I hope you decide to sign up. Business Plan 2006 will be held Tuesday-Friday, Dec. 6-9 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. I am psyched about making this big investment in myself, because it will be an opportunity to be inspired by people who have achieved greatness and success in their respective fields, including, but not limited to, the mortgage brokerage industry. I am hopeful that we will be inspired and challenged by business consultants who charge $16,000 and more for teaching how to create a business plan that works, thereby avoiding the pitfalls of self-sabotage. We'll learn to integrate the concepts of flawless execution of our wishes, hopes and desires into the reality called my life. It is exciting to think about such a wealth of talent in one location, all to help us become the best we can be and pass that on to our families, clients and co-workers. What most intrigued me about Business Plan 2006 were the speakers at the event. A team of professors from UCLA's Graduate School of Management who, according to Business Plan 2006's Web site have, "... facilitated incredible levels of success for Countrywide, City National Bank, Starbucks and many other Fortune 500 companies--to develop a property business assessment and planning tool unlike any other the mortgage industry has ever seen! Each participant will leave with a targeted business plan based on their personal goals!" Among the speakers will be the Afterburners, whom I have wanted to hear for a long time now. You may have heard or read about them. They are retired U.S. Air Force pilots who talk about planning a mission and making it succeed. I have been aware of James Murphy's book, "Flawless Execution," for a while, although I have not read it. The principles spoke to me. The idea is that success depends on how well all members of your team execute their individual missions, every single day. Many corporations are great at planning, but when it comes to the execution, they may fail. The Afterburners have led some of the world's top corporations to breakthrough performance through the pursuit of flawless execution. I wanted that for me, too. They promise that I will learn to think on my feet (I always thought I thought with my brain), react to change, set a strategic plan, execute it and then communicate it to other members of the team. Some of the other speakers at Business Plan 2006 will be Les Brown, Jason Womack from the David Allen Company, creators of the "Getting Things Done Approach to Time Management." Yvonne Randall will help teach you how to avoid the pitfalls that companies face when growing their businesses to the next level and the importance of strategic planning. Douglas Andrew will talk about the benefits of financial planning using the equity built up in the client's home. Personally, I've been doing this with my clients and they really have benefited and are ever so grateful. Bill Dallas, co-founder of First Franklin Financial, will be talking about entrepreneurial spirit. I love hearing about entrepreneurs who started small and went on to create national companies. Linda Ferrari of Credit Resource Group will be there. I use her company for credit score improvement and they have done excellent work for my clients. Of course, plenty of mortgage industry leaders such as Tim Braham, Greg Frost and David Savage will also be on hand. And, there will be mortgage originators just like you and me who will share what is working for them right now. To be effective, you must first plan before you can act. Most of us get into the rut of the way things are; we never plan or go beyond wishing and supposing. Then, we wonder why we are not happy even if we have become financially successful. I believe that it is very important to constantly "stick with the winners." No matter what level of success I have achieved (and I am most grateful for all I have achieved), I view life as learning, growing and a weeding-out process. I am constantly tending to the garden of my mind, planting new seeds, taking out the weeds, transplanting and moving concepts from one location to another. In specific terms, over the past few years I have moved away from thinking that to be really successful, I had to do everything by myself--I had to be the best at everything I do, even being the best at making and sending out a file. Now, I believe that I best serve myself by allowing others to do what they do well, and focusing on what I do best. It is far more productive and useful to pay someone to make the copies and do the menial tasks that I did for so long. This allows me to focus on the clients where my dollar return on investment is far greater and my inner satisfaction from closing a deal is far greater than making a copy of a loan package to mail out. For a long time I would go to seminars only if I was the speaker or contributing something, but now I go to seminars to learn from others and see if some spark of inspiration will lead me to my next level of greatness. Sure, I still love speaking at mortgage conventions, but I really learn when I listen. My editor asked me why I'd write a review on something that hasn't happened, yet. My intention is to let as many people as possible know about Business Plan 2006. You can hear that I have high expectations for this four-day seminar. It might just be my fantasy, but I fully plan to leave this workshop better than when I arrived. It is my intention and my desire to step aside from the mundane day-to-day business environment and allow myself to dream about where I would like my life and my career to blossom during the next five years. I want to make conscious choices based on what feels right to me, not on what some lecturer or highly paid speaker tells me I should do. As I write this article, it feels appropriate that this seminar will take place in Las Vegas, the land of dreams and fantasy. I hope you will join me there. Product Summary Seminar: Business Plan 2006 Date: Tuesday-Friday, December 6-9 Location: Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas Speakers: The Afterburners Performance Team, Les Brown, Greg Frost, Tim Braham, Douglas Andrew, Bill Dallas, David Savage, Jason Womack, Bill Hillestad, Tom Ward, Yvonne Randle, Linda Ferrari and real-life loan officers. Web Site: Recommendation: I am going and really looking forward to being stimulated by excellence, challenging my own brain and creating a plan that will take me to the next level of success on every level of my life. I believe that investing in yourself is its own reward; this conference looks like a great investment. John D. Svirsky has been a mortgage broker for 24 years, doing both commercial and residential mortgages. He is also a volunteer firefighter, avid cigar enthusiast and cook. He may be reached by phone at (845) 424-3388 or e-mail [email protected].
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Nov 21, 2005
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