National foreclosures increase in July

National foreclosures increase in July

November 29, 2005

AIG United Guaranty helps students understand credit: Credit scoring games provided free to schools MortgagePress.comAIG,The Big Score
To help high school students learn the importance of using
credit responsibly, AIG United Guaranty is providing its credit
score-teaching game for free. Titled "The Big Score," the game
covers the history of credit scoring, the components of a
consumer's credit score, ways to improve a low credit score and the
meaning of credit score ranges.
The game, a $140 retail value, will be offered through a
partnership with the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and
Distributive Education Clubs of America Incorporated (DECA), a
student organization that supports the development of marketing and
management skills in career areas such as finance, business
administration, sales and service, entrepreneurship and
hospitality. The game has been sent to 2,000 DECA clubs along the
East Coast to be used as a component of credit scoring classes.
"Our goal is for students to understand how their individual
behaviors can impact their financial futures," said Christine
Hagan, assistant vice president of Mortgage Industry Training. "The
key is to teach financial responsibility before the students are
offered credit cards, so they dont dig themselves into a financial
hole before they even enter the working world."
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