Missouri industry appointments update - 9/29/2006

Missouri industry appointments update - 9/29/2006

September 28, 2006

Braheem and Dallas author loan originator 'Survival Guide'MortgagePress.comLoan originator marketing strategy
Tim Braheem and Bill Dallas have released a book, titled
"Strategic Financing: A Survival Guide for Loan Originators,"
written to help loan originators understand and overcome the
industry's ongoing structural changes. An electronic version of the
book and an accompanying software toolkit are available for
download at no cost at www.loantoolbox.com/strategicfinance.
The 70-page title, authored by Braheem and Dallas, advises loan
originators to abandon the "old rules," which applied to the
business cycle of the past five years, and adopt the "new rules,"
which have been adapted for survival and profit in the current
business environment and are described within the book.
Tim Braheem is the founder and CEO of Westlake Village,
Calif.-based LoanToolbox, a training and marketing solutions
provider for the mortgage industry. For more information, call
(877) 684-8665 or visit www.loantoolbox.com.
Bill Dallas is the chairman and CEO of Ownit Mortgage Solutions,
a mortgage bank based in Agoura Hills, Calif. For more information,
call (877) 443-0405 or visit www.ownitmortgage.com.