Genworth's IO 40 features smaller payment increase

Genworth's IO 40 features smaller payment increase

September 28, 2006

IndyMac enhances e-MITS online loan origination systemMortgagePress.comOnline loan origination system
IndyMac Bank FSB has implemented two significant technology
enhancements to its e-MITS online loan origination system.
The first enhancement is the addition of piggyback loan
functionality, which gives brokers the ability to enter a
concurrent first and second lien in one e-MITS submission,
eliminating additional data entry. The second is the ability to
automatically add a HELOC, to complement an approved high
loan-to-value standalone first mortgage. If a prospective borrower
were to qualify, a HELOC would automatically be added to the
standalone first mortgage, which could then be accepted, modified
or canceled.
IndyMac Bank is a savings and loan, based in Pasadena, Calif.
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