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From the Appraiser's Perspective: Are appraisals commodities?

National Mortgage Professional
Jun 10, 2007

Taking ownership of your future career successRyan FlorioEnterprise Rent-A-Car Company, customer service initiatives, employee retention, increased profitability In the field of human study, I've always been fascinated by what motivates people. During my work consulting with mortgage firms, I've been exposed to a wide range of characteristics that define human behavior. And even though trends in demographics can be scientifically measured, I'm more personally interested in the qualities that are expressed in things, such as the way people carry themselves, how they dress, how their work spaces are organized and what habits define their work ethic. A lot can be learned about a person by taking a look at these seemingly simple characteristics. Every mortgage firm probably includes an individual that is one of the first to arrive every morning. He walks with a sense of urgency and moves toward fulfilling a very specific set of tasks in mind for the day. His appearance is neat and clean, and the same is true of his office space. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the individual who may have good intentions, but always seems a bit distracted. He would much rather socialize than pursue his next lead, and his demeanor is disgruntled from lack of opportunity. His desk space reflects a state of mind that cannot prioritize, and so his goals are not easily met. I've been thinking about these characteristics even more so recently after reading about Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company and how they begin their customer service initiatives from the point of hire. The pay-off is huge. This privately held company managed to exceed $9 billion in sales revenue during 2006, and their employee pipelines are overflowing with a 70 percent employee retention record. What sets this growing company apart are strategies that recruit employees who are not merely counter clerks, but people who are committed to greatness. This greatness is outlined in a passion for taking care of their customers, flexibility, self-motivation, goal-orientation, excellent communication and a work ethic that exudes leadership. It would seem that if businesses from any industry were to take example from Enterprise, then they too would profit from increased profitability and employee retention. But I want to address those employees who work for individuals who lack the vision to steer their company toward improvement. There is great opportunity in taking personal ownership of your career and driving your future personal net worth. Take a look at your operations as though you are the owner of a $9 billion business. What is lacking in your performance and how are your work habits interfering with your sales growth? What would your customers say about your service skills and your level of flexibility and commitment in fulfilling your obligation to them? How would your personal profits increase if you were to implement a strategy of self-promotion by treating each of your customers as though they were a personal friend? It is precisely this level of obligation to your customers that would set you apart from your peers as a top producer and a leader by whom all could take example. But even more so, it would show a personal responsibility for the quality of your life one that is based upon worthy contribution and the net result of your efforts. We are all truly self-employed in creating quality lives. So accept the opportunity that lies before us each day. Step up today and take ownership. Ryan Florio is president and CEO of Cleveland-based, a Web-based company that offers automated Client Relationship Programs as a vehicle for client retention and business development. He may be reached at (216) 598-0934 or email [email protected]
Jun 10, 2007
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