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National Mortgage Professional
Mar 06, 2006

A message from NAMB Convention Committee Chair George Hanzimanolis, CRMSGeorge Hanzimanolis, CRMSNAMB Soars One of the biggest hurdles in the mortgage industry is training employees to be more knowledgeable and productive. The key is education, and the best place to learn from recognized experts is at the National Association of Mortgage Brokers 2006 Annual Convention and Exposition, "NAMB Soars." This year, I encourage you to take your loan originators and processors to the convention in Philadelphia this June. In addition to the benefits of networking and meeting new lenders, the education and breakout sessions will help your employees do better in their daily business. Of course, there will be many sessions for the broker/owners as well. The breakout sessions will help your originators learn how to originate commercial loans and reverse mortgages. They'll learn how to market to a multi-cultural client base, see new ways to mine your database and use the most up-to-date software to make their efforts more efficient. Broker/owners will benefit from learning about identity theft and computer hackers, the truth about broker contracts, secrets to retain your loan originators and staff and affiliations with title companies and bi-weekly companies. You will even have the opportunity to meet with the Federal Reserve, learn how pricing strategies in the secondary market can make you more profitable and hear from top real estate agents about what they really want from a mortgage company. And there's much, much more. The two general sessions will offer great entertainment and insight into running a business. Day one will feature Scott Waddle, the submarine commander whose submarine crashed into a Japanese fishing boat, resulting in numerous fatalities. It is Commander Waddle's ability to overcome adversity that makes him such an important presence. Commander Waddle will share his experience and explain how it relates to the dramatic ups and downs that we encounter in the mortgage industry. The second day will feature Olympic Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner, who will demonstrate that hard work and diligence are required to reach the top in any field. The Grand Gala dinner is always a crowd pleaser. In addition to recognizing the recipients of the Broker of the Year, Affiliate of the Year, President's Award of Merit, State Affiliate of the Year and other awards, attendees will enjoy a wonderful dinner followed by entertainment by comedian David Brenner, a nationally renowned comedian who was born in south Philadelphia. This year's convention is a must-attend for all mortgage brokers. However, let us not forget the value that your loan originators, processors and underwriters will receive by attending. As broker/owners, we realize the cost of bringing our originators is negligible when compared to the professionalism, knowledge and additional income that they'll derive from this learning experience. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in Philadelphia, the greatest city in the world. As always, feel free to e-mail or call me with any questions. George Hanzimanolis, CRMS, Convention Committee Chair National Association of Mortgage Brokers
Mar 06, 2006
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