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California industry appointments update - 06/06/2006

Jun 05, 2006

A message from NAMB Executive Vice President/CEO Michael J. Nizankiewicz, PhD, CAEMichael J. Nizankiewicz, PhD, CAEHurricane aid Many of NAMB's members are still suffering While hurricanes Katrina and Rita are a distant memory to most people, it still continues to be a living nightmare to thousands of people who are just trying to get their lives back to some semblance of normalcy. Many of those who are members of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers who were directly impacted by these horrific forces of nature. As you know, NAMB and its state affiliates and members provided a bit of much-needed financial assistance to those members affected. They have not forgotten our collective generosity. Two letters of appreciation from hurricane victims who received NAMB's hurricane assistance appear below. Sincerely, Michael J. Nizankiewicz, PhD, CAE, Executive Vice President/CEO National Association of Mortgage Brokers January 2006 Dear NAMB: I am in receipt of two hurricane assistance checks from NAMB. The funds have been a great help to me in moving forward. Moreover, they speak volumes for the quality of your organization, that you have been able to put together such a generous program. I know there are many people behind this effort that are unnamed, and I would appreciate very much your conveying my thanks to them. Once again, thank you for your assistance and for recognizing the need that exists for it in our area. Sincerely, NAMB Hurricane Assistance Recipient January 2006 Dear NAMB: Just want to say thank you so very much for both checks. They couldn't have come at a better time. As if the hurricane hadn't presented enough problems, now my company is up for sale, so we're not accepting business until we see if we have a sale that goes through next month. The extra check was truly a blessing. "Thank you" doesn't seem adequate for the help that you've given me during this time. I appreciate that you were thinking about us after the fact. So many others thought about us only for September and October and then put us out of their minds. And now is an even harder time than back then. Thanks so much. Sincerely, NAMB Hurricane Assistance Recipient
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Jun 05, 2006
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