National foreclosures increase in every quarter of 2005

National foreclosures increase in every quarter of 2005

June 8, 2006

ABC announces Product Advisor pricingMortgagePress.comAmerican Brokers Conduit
American Brokers Conduit (ABC), the wholesale division of
mortgage REIT American Home Mortgage Investment Corporation,
announced that its proprietary product search engine, Product
Advisor, will now return and display product pricing with every
product returned by a search.
Product Advisor was designed by ABC to help mortgage brokers
quickly and easily match borrowers with products that meet
individual loan scenario requirements. In turn, Product Advisor has
become a tool for providing increased customer satisfaction, by
reducing the amount of time a broker needs to search for loan
"Product Advisor pricing allows our broker partners to respond
quickly to their borrowers and provide them with product and
pricing that matches their individual needs," said Lisa Schreiber,
executive vice president of ABC. "For the broker, this means the
competitive edge they need to build a more responsive, efficient
and profitable business. This important enhancement to Product
Advisor easily makes our sophisticated product search engine one of
the most powerful pricing tools in the industry, and we are proud
to offer this distinction to our broker partners."
Using the enhanced Product Advisor, brokers will enter their
loan criteria as usual, and Product Advisor will search ABC's
complete product set. The results returned will include products
that meet the entered loan criteria plus product pricing. Brokers
will get detailed information including product code, product
description, rate, price, P&I payment, and margin (if
applicable) for each product that meets the loan criteria
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