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Credit Plus named Beanstalk preferred credit vendor for OpenClose

National Mortgage Professional
Sep 28, 2006

Top 10 reasons to commit fraud (and go to prison)Jerome MayneMortgage fraud statistics 10. You want some time to mull over a career change. 9. You've always thought you would look great in an orange jumpsuit. 8. You want to see just how bad Martha Stewart really had it. 7. You don't want to worry about buying Christmas presents for your pesky kids. 6. You want to sharpen up your fighting skills. 5. You're just sick and tired of voting. 4. You want to see if that escape plan you dreamed up would really work. 3. You want your mom to drive 300 miles to visit you for a change. 2. You think it might be kind of cute for your kids to call someone else "Dad." 1. You've always wanted a roommate named Bubba. Jerome Mayne is president of Fraudcon Inc. He is a consultant, speaker and self-taught expert in fraudulent behavior. Jerome is also the author of the book, "Life Saving Lessons: The Diary of a White-Collar Criminal." He may be reached at (612) 919-3007 or e-mail [email protected]
Sep 28, 2006
Top Texas Originator Sees No Surrender To 2023

Big cities will determine the battle

Industry News
Jan 26, 2023
There’s Good & Bad News On The Horizon

There will be a real estate slump, but the big cities are coming out much better

Industry News
Jan 26, 2023
Housing Prices Across Texas Likely Hobbled In 2023

But you’re getting a lot less for $1 million

Industry News
Jan 23, 2023
UWM Adds 'Control Your Price' To 'Game On' Pricing

New program provides 125 basis points in price enhancements for loan orignators.

Industry News
Jan 11, 2023
Rocket Pro TPO Relieves Brokers Of Credit Fee Burden

Will provided free credit reports to brokers if they get their loan closed with the Detroit lender.

Industry News
Jan 10, 2023
Former Employees Sue Rocket Mortgage Over OT Pay

Claim company failed to properly calculate & pay OT for working beyond 40 hours a week.

Jan 09, 2023