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Hawaii industry appointments update - 1/3/2007

Jan 02, 2007

ABC organizing for people who do not planJoe Cornomortgage planning, organization If you are the type who has previously purchased leather-bound planners and never cracked them open, you need this article. If you have been issued a company Palm Pilot and have yet to load and program it, you need this article. Even if you use both of those things, you need this article. There are some people who simply do not conform or process thought the same way that others do. In fact, if you polled people who owned and operated special planner products, you would find that you were not alone. The majority of people seek simple and basic modes of operation. Most owners of such devices and products use them for basic stuff - to make phone calls and receive e-mails on the go - and that is about it. They have yet to venture into beaming, downloading, digitally planning, etc. It is not that these products are not wonderful. They are astounding if they are utilized. Most of those who do use the amazing products have someone else assist and train them in learning how to operate the devices. I have a company-issued product that can do everything. However, I am of the personality of wanting something tangible (e.g., ink on paper) in front of me. For those like me who want to take notes, we seek equilibrium with in-hand methods of figuring out the day, week, month and year. We hang calendars on the wall. Forget digital messaging; we use a word processor to schedule, and we are happy to do so. However, we also desire to be up to date and competitive. Technology has afforded our type the ability to e-mail with attachments because it has become simplistic to do so. If it were not so, we would be calling on others to do it for us. As the technology becomes easier, we embrace it more. However, both electronic and classic planners require too much thought. The following is an effective way to plan, organize and structure your time, to accomplish the most out of each and every day. Use it wisely. And to think - for all these years, you thought something was wrong with you. Look how you embraced the mobile phonebecause it was easy to do. Start each day by listing down on a sheet of paper everything that you need or think you need to do, in any order as it comes to your mind. Example Get the car washed A B C Buy diapers A B C Get a haircut A B C Call on leads (five of them) A B C Go see the real estate agent A B C Read a chapter in the marketing book A B C Start with all the A's. These are the things that must be done today, right away. If A's get done, do the B's. These are items that could wait a day or two, but will quickly become A's if neglected. C means "See ya later." C's are things that do not need to get done until they develop into A's or B's. Do not toss them. Rather, place them into a C drawer or box. When you get a call on one of them or the boss asks what the status of it is, pull it out and make it an A or B on your list. Do not worry about having items not completed on your daily list. Drop the daily C items completely off and transfer A's and B's to the next day's list. If there are no items left at day's end, you are not making a complete list or need to add more duties to your daily activities. The list is simple and can be written on a lined pad, a blank sheet or even a brown paper shopping bag. No Palm Pilot or leather-bound planner is needed. Keep it basic and simple. After all, if you are not utilizing a Palm Pilot or planner now, you are not the type that would enter your schedule into your device anyway. Joe Corno is president of Utah-based We Be Consulting and Seminars. He may be reached at (801) 836-2077 or e-mail [email protected].
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Jan 02, 2007
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