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Income inequality: Time for predatory lending laws?

National Mortgage Professional
Apr 12, 2007

Advisor spotlight on David Kuiper, Certified Mortgage Planning SpecialistMortgagePress.comDavid Kuiper, Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, Advisor Seminar Series Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist David Kuiper has consistently been rated as one of the top-producing mortgage loan officers in the country by a variety of mortgage industry trade publications. Rather than viewing the mortgage process as a single transaction, David takes a consultative approach to helping clients design the ultimate mortgage planone that allows them to maximize cash flow, reach equity building goals and achieve other financial goals. David is also a nationally-recognized author, speaker and trainer for the mortgage industry. David Kuiper is one of the featured speakers at American Brokers Conduits nationally-acclaimed Advisor Seminar Series. During Davids presentation, he shares his business approach and selling skills with the mortgage broker professionals in attendance. Other industry experts who will be presenting at ABCs Advisor Seminar Series during 2007 include, Todd Duncan, Jim McMahan, Barry Habib, Susan Woodard and Greg Frost. For a full listing of the Advisor Seminar Series near you, please visit and access ABCs Advisor Center/Training Center. The Mortgage Press recently sat down with David to learn more about his ABC Advisor Seminar Series presentations. The Mortgage Press: David, what is your background and how do you run your business? David Kuiper: I am a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS), and I focus on helping clients successfully manage their home equity to increase liquidity, safety, rate of return and tax deductions. Unlike a traditional loan officer, my role is to help clients integrate the mortgage loan that they select into their overall long- and short-term investment plan, in order to minimize taxes and interest expense, and increase cash flow. My team is dedicated to delivering superior mortgage advice and world-class customer service. Our goal is to take such great care of each client so that we earn their business and referrals to family and friends. Our success was built by referral & one happy client at a time. Because of this approach, our practice is consistently recognized as one of the top mortgage practices in the country. TMP: How long have you been in business? DK: I have been in the mortgage origination business for more than 17 years. During that time, I have originated more than 5,000 loans with an approximate production value of $850 million. But more importantly, I have consistently generated repeat and referral business from my existing client base of about 85 percent. TMP: What will you cover during your ABC Advisor Seminar Series presentation to help mortgage brokers expand their knowledge and business? DK: The seminars I am doing for ABC focus on wealth creation and mortgage planning strategies under the title, Making the Transition to Mortgage Planning. I cover a wide range of topics including: 1) What is mortgage planning and why mortgage brokers should be part of it today; 2) How mortgage brokers can differentiate themselves from the competition and escape the commodity trap; 3) How to set the stage for the ultimate office experience; 4) Common misconceptions about mortgages, debt and home equity; 5) How to go beyond the 1003 and create client intimacy; and 6) How to integrate a mortgage loan into an overall financial strategy. TMP: Why do you believe it is so important for todays mortgage broker to transition into mortgage planning? DK: Mortgage brokers need to understand the mortgage business is changing, and in this competitive environment, brokers need to differentiate themselves from the competition to be successful to do this, mortgage brokers need to take a more consultative approach. This approach is grounded in product knowledge, but is built on the understanding of each clients comprehensive financial picture and long-term goals. With this knowledge, mortgage brokers can offer the most suitable loan, and help a client meet their financial goals by utilizing a mortgage as one of many tools in an overall financial plan. When a mortgage broker conducts business in this fashion, they become part of a team of financial advisors that can offer a client relevant solutions on an ongoing basisversus just closing a single mortgage transaction and then disappearing. TMP: What type of attendance and feedback have you been getting at your presentations at the ABC Advisor Seminar Series? DK: We are experiencing a very strong turnout at my ABC presentations. Mortgage brokers are telling us that they need quality educational opportunities like this to augment their knowledge and add meaningful value to help build a sustainable business. The brokers who are attending ABCs seminars clearly understand that they can no longer build a business by solely focusing on closing a mortgage with the best rate and terms. Brokers are aware that they need to become part of a clients team of key financial advisors that include financial planners, insurance advisors, accountants and stockbrokers. This can only happen by understanding that the most profitable transactions occur when a broker works towards building trust throughout the mortgage process and integrating the right mortgage product into a clients long-term financial plan. For more information, visit
Apr 12, 2007
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