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Jul 05, 2007

TeraVendo announces LoanAce upgrade: Company launches LoanAce LOS V2 and LoanAce TEAMMortgagePress.comTeraVendo, LoanAce, Jeff Cunio, LoanAce TEAM TeraVendo Inc. has launched Version 2 (V2) of its LoanAce Loan Origination Software (LOS) offering several new features and improving the product. With LoanAce V2, we have added several member driven features including document attachment capability, diary log with automated event tracking and a notes section for documenting customer interaction, fixes of user interface issues and improved calculation accuracy, said TeraVendo President Jeff Cunio. V2 will take us beyond merely maintaining our near 90 percent user satisfaction rating and help inspire our members to be customer promoters. While enhancing LoanAce with V2, TeraVendo created LoanAce TEAM. TEAM is an enterprise level software option. TEAM, an acronym for Technology for Employee Activity Management, gives mortgage brokerages/broker owners the ability to view any active loan files. This functionality empowers managers to track various productivity trends, and spot compliance challenges enabling effective managers to increase production and minimize risk. We developed TEAM for two reasons, said Cunio, to increase profitability and decrease liability for mortgage brokerages. Typically you would never be able to say, increase profitability and pipeline/managers view in the same sentence because the cost has been so burdensome. We decided to challenge that standard. The result is a robust, reliable, efficient and affordable solution that allows companies to manage their business without blowing the budget. For more information, visit
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Jul 05, 2007
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