AllRegs and AAMVA offer anti-fraud training

AllRegs and AAMVA offer anti-fraud training

August 14, 2007

NRMLA elects new board of directorsMortgagePress.comReverse mortgages
The board of directors of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders
Association (NRMLA) has elected Joe DeMarkey of BNY Mortgage
Company and Bart Johnson of Financial Freedom as co-chairs of the
association for the next 12 months.
Joe DeMarkey is director of corporate development at BNY (an
Everbank Company) with more than nine years of experience in the
reverse mortgage industry. Bart Johnson is president of Financial
Freedom, a subsidiary of IndyMac Bank FSB, based in Irvine, Calif.
DeMarkey and Johnson succeed Sarah Hulbert of BNY Mortgage in
Renton, Wash. and Jim Mahoney, chairman of Financial Freedom in
Irvine, Calif., who served as co-chairs for the past three
In addition to DeMarkey and Johnson, the board of directors
elected Patrick McEnerney of MortgageIT as vice chairman; Dean
Jones of SCME Mortgage Bankers Inc. as secretary; and Dan Ryan of
Farwest Mortgage Bankers Inc. as treasurer.
In addition to the new leadership, the following individuals
were elected to one-year terms on the NRMLA board of directors:
Sarah Hulbert of BNY Mortgage, Jim Mahoney of Financial Freedom,
David Levitt of Circle Mortgage Corporation, Bob Sivori of BNY
Mortgage, Vanessa White of BNY Mortgage, Scott Norman of Financial
Freedom, Jeff Taylor of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Diane Coats of
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Cheryl Chapin McNally of Wells Fargo
Home Mortgage, John Myers of Financial Heritage, John Nixon of
Seattle Mortgage Company, David Peskin of Vertical Lend Inc, d/b/a
Lender Lead Solutions, Mark Browning of Community Home Equity
Conversion Corporation, Nick Buscaglia of M&T Bank, David Carey
of Fannie Mae, Tony Garcia of LibertyStreet Financial Group, Steve
Irwin of Financial, David Levitt of Circle Mortgage Corporation and
Shawna James of MortgageIT.
This year, the following five members of NRMLA were elected to
the board of directors for the first time: Charlie Jones of Seattle
Mortgage Company, Dan Osterhout of Cambridge Senior Capital LLC,
Kevin Murphy of Kastle Mortgage Corporation and Barry Scoles of 1st
Reverse Mortgage USA.
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