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InterBay launches

National Mortgage Professional
Feb 13, 2008

InterBay launches InterBay.tvMortgagePress.comsmall commercial lending, educate Mortgage Brokers, build trusted relationships Small commercial lender InterBay Funding LLC has launched, a site where Mortgage Brokers will have the ability to view video. Structured after YouTube and other user-generated content Web sites, InterBay created as an extension of its efforts to support brokers in small commercial lending. The site will be used to educate Mortgage Brokers, promote their successes and provide news about recent company events, all in video. users can also upload their own original content, enabling them to share their successes, strategies and tips. "InterBay is a people company," says Tom Brubaker, InterBay vice president of marketing. " is a creative variation of the popular online video phenomenon designed for our niche market. There is nothing like it in the small commercial lending arena, and we hope to engage brokers who have had positive experiences with InterBay to tell their story by creating their own original video. Plus, brokers can share tips with each other, creating a community and lots of camaraderie." Examples of the content to be found on are broker talk, news, insider buzz and sales tips. Brokers can watch videos from special events and listen to company associates. Valuable sales tips are delivered in role-playing scenarios and cover things like how to match the right solutions to the borrower's needs, how to handle borrower rejections and how to build trusted relationships. Troy Aikman, InterBay's national spokesperson, also gets in front of the camera to help motivate brokers with tips on winning strategies and information on free training and InterBay Academy. For more information, visit
Feb 13, 2008
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