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MBA applauds SEC and FASB for FAS 157 clarification

Sep 30, 2008

Market Focus and JSA introduce new reverse mortgage marketing tools MortgagePress.comMarket Focus, Jan Schrader and Associates, Mortgage Quest CRM, reverse mortgages, marketing campaign Software developer Market Focus, Inc and Jan Schrader & Associates (JSA), a Chicago-based loan officer training company today introduced their new Reverse Mortgage marketing campaign for the Mortgage Quest CRM software system. This reverse mortgage campaign includes 86 letters and emails designed for sequential mailings targeting home owners , financial professionals and other potential referral sources including current and past customers. The letters are automatically generated by the software on a user defined schedule. The campaign also includes processing status notifications for applicants and their advisors. "Research has conclusively demonstrated that repeated contacts and consistent follow-up are the keys to success in any selling profession," said Chris Carter, President of Market Focus. "Our customers can automate and leverage that follow-up process to ensure a steady flow of new leads while keeping in touch with their existing and past customers on a timely basis. The software does the work leaving loan officers free to work more closely with their new prospects without neglecting their customer base." The new campaign letter and e-mail pack was developed by JSA, which based their content on years of first-hand reverse mortgage origination, research into proven third-party referral sources, and extensive interviews with successful reverse mortgage specialists. "We understand that this market segment is quite different from more traditional home lending, and that we can help loan officers tap into a variety of sources for quality leads," explained Jan Schrader, CEO of JSA and a 30-year veteran of the mortgage loan industry. "We immediately recognized that the Mortgage Quest platform is the ideal way for mortgage professionals to deliver a compelling message, using 'frequency times reach' to build name familiarity and, ultimately, a relationship with prospects. A unique aspect of this marketing program is that it also targets proven third party referral sources, those typically found in the reverse mortgage advisory position such as financial planners, CPAs, and attorneys specialized in estate and tax planning, elder care, etc. Impetus was also added by multiple requests from current Mortgage Quest users in need of compelling reverse mortgage marketing materials." The Mortgage Quest software is designed with a special importing function that allows specialized letters for different market segments to be loaded into the system and called up as part of a process for each name in the database. Once a contact name is entered and parameters are set up, the follow-up and tracking occurs automatically. For reverse mortgage marketing, contacts are identified by category, such as home owner-prospect for a mortgage, a financial or legal advisor, insurance professional, etc. The software can track and manage thousands of leads in many market segments simultaneously, and can generate letters and e-mails directly, or format and forward them to an external printing and mailing service. For more information, visit or
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Sep 30, 2008
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