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AARMR joins growing community of regulators improving customer protection by automating mortgage examinations

Oct 19, 2008

Martopia launches new tool to transform static brochures into interactive documents MortgagePress.comMartopia, EPiK, print communications, ThreeSphere Martopia, a growth catalyst firm that provides a unique blend of marketing, public relations and interactive expertise to help businesses achieve their growth goals, announced today the launch of EPiK, a new tool that offers a fresh way for companies to communicate. EPiK is a leading edge way to turn ordinary print communications into dynamic interactive documents. EPiK provides the virtual experience of reading a book--complete with realistic page-turning at the click of a mouse. Users can click on the edge of the pages to change pages or they can quickly "fast forward" to any section of the document using the navigation or scroll bar. The EPiK can include links to Microsoft Office files, PDFs, jpegs and even new media files such as podcasts and videos. Rather than having a static brochure or document, companies can create an interactive experience that brings their stories to life. "We developed EPiK because customers want to receive information differently today. With the proliferation of the Internet and new media, customer expectations have risen. Many people simply don't have time to read, so they want to receive information in a quick-hitting, stimulating way. EPiK enables companies to integrate new media tools into their brochures, white papers, press kits and other materials that once were static. It also allows functionality such as Contact Us interaction, usage tracking, links to print collateral files and more," says Martopia President Tami Hernandez. EPiK is fully customizable and the initial purchase includes set-up up with a company's brand graphics and content. Since EPiK is a complete, self-contained file that integrates all of the content, it fits on a mini-CD, full-size CD or flash drive and can also be posted online to a companys Web site. Once an EPiK document is created, companies can update it using the optional Online Self-Update Tool. No programming is required to make changes to EPiKs text, images, pages, links and other content. The Online Self-Update Tool is built for non-technical users. It is intuitive and user-friendly. Martopia co-developed the EPiK technology with its partner, ThreeSphere, a leading technology company specializing in advanced Internet applications. Martopia and ThreeSphere plan to launch additional cutting-edge marketing tools together in the coming months to combine the power of new technology and strategic marketing expertise. For more information, visit or
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Oct 19, 2008
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