Avista Solutions announces integration with IDS Inc.

Avista Solutions announces integration with IDS Inc.

June 10, 2009

Avista Solutions is expanding its loan document preparation service offerings by announcing a new integration with International Document Services (IDS) Inc., a Utah-based mortgage document preparation company that provides closing documents, initial disclosures, fulfillment documents, high cost checks and document delivery. Avista’s newest loan document preparation company integration was completed after the mortgage software company’s customers shared positive feedback about their experiences with IDS, Inc., Avista Solutions CEO Mark Phlieger said.
“We have multiple customers who have had a long-standing relationship with IDS, and they requested the integration,” Phlieger said. “Our customers had some very positive things to say about their customer service. By completing this integration and allowing customers to directly order the services of IDS through Avista, they will save the time they otherwise would have spent re-keying data as well as improve data accuracy, which in turn saves them money.”
IDS Inc. President Curt Doman said that by forming the partnership, he will fulfill his own clients’ requests for an integration with Avista Solutions. Satisfying clients’ requests, he says, is a move recognized as valuable by both IDS Inc. and Avista.
“Avista’s system is standing out as the preferred LOS,” Doman said. “It is known for being simple to use yet all inclusive. The record shows that our clients recognize quality – many of our best partnerships and features were initiated by clients. In addition, it seems that Avista and IDS share many characteristics, such as client priority and innovation.” Doman adds that the flexibility of his company’s services will appeal to Avista Solutions customers. “IDS has an unmatched ability to customize our system to meet specific document preparation requirements and needs for each client,” he said. “This is possible in part by our commitment to help our clients, but also as a result of the rudimentary way in which the idsDoc application was developed. There are tools and processes in place that allow the system to be customized on the fly, and it exceeds what most of our clients believe is possible.”
IDS Inc.’s full suite of services are now fully operational in the Avista Agile LOS.
For more information, visit www.avistasolutions.com or visit www.idsdoc.com.

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