Contract processors in Tennessee forming TNAMP Task Group

Contract processors in Tennessee forming TNAMP Task Group

August 12, 2009

The new 2009 Tennessee SAFE ACT Compliance Law, passed this year in the Tennessee Legislature and signed by Gov. Phil Bredesen, creates some unique challenges for contract mortgage processors to continue to operate in the state of Tennessee. As the professional association of all mortgage professionals working in Tennessee, the Tennessee Association of Mortgage Professionals (TNAMP) is doing its best to help them find a solution to remain compliant and profitable.
Since most of those who are working as contract mortgage processors are self-employed and work for several companies but are usually less visible than those who are originators or account executives, they are sometimes difficult to find and communicate with. TNAMP is asking for the names and contact information of any contract mortgage processors in the state of Tennessee so they can be invited to a meeting/conference call of contract processors and give them some vital information regarding how to successfully stay in business.
TNAMP is asking that you send their information or have them contact the association by e-mail at or call (615) 302-0001.

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