RFC expands its legal department with the additions of Tribble and Finan

RFC expands its legal department with the additions of Tribble and Finan

August 25, 2009

Residential Finance Corporation (RFC), an award-winning nationwide mortgage lender specializing in refinance, has announced the expansion of its legal department with the appointment of Judith Tribble as senior counsel and Sandy Finan as licensing and compliance manager. Judith Tribble has a wealth of experience in handling varied legal, regulatory and compliance issues. She has been an attorney in banking and financial services for more than a decade, and has served as in-house counsel with two regional banks. As the mortgage lender’s senior counsel, Tribble will be responsible for supervising all aspects of compliance and regulatory issues.
Sandy Finan is a certified paralegal, and most recently led licensing and compliance efforts for BMW Financial Services. As licensing and compliance manager at RFC, Finan will oversee day-to-day issues for the mortgage lender, including enforcement of compliance guidelines for both corporate and loan officer licensing.
“Residential Finance is pleased to welcome seasoned legal experts Judith Tribble and Sandy Finan to our legal team. Recent changes in industry and economic conditions have kept legal and compliance staff at every mortgage company extremely busy," said Residential Finance Corporation Vice President David Stein. "The coming year will see this trend continue, as the mortgage industry faces even more stringent systems and rules. I am confident that our staff is the most talented and dedicated in the nation. At RFC, our goal is to provide our borrowers with an excellent experience when they obtain a mortgage from us. Behind the scene, our legal department oversees rapidly changing regulations and ensures compliance to help make that happen.”
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