HASProgram.com launched to deter foreclosure

HASProgram.com launched to deter foreclosure

September 3, 2009

HASProgram.com announced the launch of their new Web site which will assist distressed homeowners from losing their homes during the economic downturn. The site will feature “HASP PAK” which will empower the homeowner to quickly and efficiently create all the necessary documents to file for protection under the Homeowners Affordability and Stability Plan (HASP) with their bank.
The Homeowners Affordability and Stability Plan is a law that has dedicated $75 billion dollars to assist more than nine million homeowners to avoid foreclosure. The plan will use cost-sharing and other incentives to encourage banks and lenders to reduce a homeowner’s monthly mortgage payments on a salary-adjusted basis, and in some cases, even reduce the principal amount owed on the mortgage.
While the plan has the capability to aid millions of homeowners, the public’s knowledge about the plan is limited and the documents, processes, and filing system can be very complicated for most people. HASProgram.com has created a unique and simple system that will allow homeowners to easily create their HASP application. HASProgram.com will ensure that the homeowner has the proper documentation, and assist the homeowner in filing all the necessary financial documents for their bank’s review. By utilizing the HASProgram.com's “HASP PAK,” homeowners applying for protection under HASP will find the process more user friendly and effective in receiving a positive outcome from their bank.
“This is a situation where it’s all about what you know rather than who you know. When a homeowner approaches a bank or lender seeking protection under the HASP law, having a professionally organized application and package is the only way to obtain a quick and successful Bank review,” said Alex Szalay, founder of HASProgram.com.
For more information, visit www.HASProgram.com.

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