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Robyn and Steve Love release book to help remedy distressed homeowners

Jan 13, 2010

Robyn and Steve Love, co-executive directors of Investors Resource Center of America- Los Angeles (IRCA), have published Home Remedy to help homeowners learn they have options when selling their house. Selling the traditional way with a real estate agent may not be the best way for them. “Homeowners don’t have to lose their homes. The real estate investor has many more options to help the homeowner than a real estate agent. Rather than list the house and wait for a buyer, the real estate investor is the buyer,” said Steve Love, co-author of Home Remedy, real estate mentor, and talk show host of the Internet radio show “Prosperity Through Real Estate.” Author Steve Love has been a real estate broker since 1978, and Robyn Love has been a real estate agent since 1994. Both worked for many years as real estate appraisers and started real estate investing full time in the 1990’s. Due to their success in the real estate investing arena, they were chosen to run the Los Angeles Chapter of Investor Resource Center of America in 1994. Now the largest attended real estate investment club in the five county Los Angeles area, they offer trainings and seminars on real estate investing. Steve is also the host of the Internet radio show “Prosperity Through Real Estate,” as well as a speaker on Royal Carribean Cruise Lines and throughout the greater Los Angeles area. "Home Remedy should really be called ‘Life Remedy’ because it’s all about people helping people get their lives back together. It’s about common sense and creative solutions, and no, these two things are not diabolically opposed. They are the everyday tools of the real estate investor. Through poignant real life example, Home Remedy demonstrates the multitude of benefits that real estate investors can provide for distressed homeowners, and how entire families can be saved”, said Anita Rodal, a mortgage broker based in Los Angeles. "I think this book is imperative reading for the millions of distressed homeowners out there, as well as the many people who will ultimately play some kind of a role in the outcome of the distressed homeowner’s situation, particularly the lenders and the legislators.” For more information visit,  
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Jan 13, 2010
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