StreetLinks quality control team 100 percent USPAP certified

StreetLinks quality control team 100 percent USPAP certified

February 11, 2010

StreetLinks National Appraisal Services has announced that its entire Quality Control team, consisting of over 100 staff members, has successfully completed the 15-hour 2010 Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP) training course. StreetLinks maintains the largest Quality Control staff in the industry to guarantee the quality of delivered reports.
"StreetLinks has ten times the number of QC staff as I had when I managed one of the country's largest captive Appraisal Management Companies," said StreetLinks Chief Executive Officer Steve Haslam. "We focus on delivering the highest quality 'underwriter-ready appraisals' that shorten our clients' application to funding time. This simply cannot be achieved by using automated QC scrubbers deployed by traditional AMCs."
"StreetLinks is the only national Appraisal Management Company that offers a 100% Loss Warranty of Appraisal Quality and a Performance Guarantee that actually pays our clients a cash penalty if service and quality fall below pre-established levels," said Tony Ebeyer, StreetLinks chief operating officer. "We can confidently stand behind our product because we have the industry's largest, best qualified and most highly trained QC staff manually reviewing each report."
"Manual QC review of each appraisal is unique in our industry," explained Mike Floyd, StreetLinks chief corporate appraiser. "Most of our competition relies on automated scrubbers which are incapable of assessing the appraiser's commentary and logic. StreetLinks performs an intensive line by line examination of each report for conformity with Freddie, Fannie, FHA, USPAP and lender specific underwriting guidelines. Our goal is to deliver underwriter-ready reports to our clients--the first time--resulting in more efficient operations, faster loan approvals and superior loan performance."
USPAP is the generally accepted performance and ethical standards for the appraisal profession. It is administered by the Appraisal Foundation, a congressionally-authorized nonprofit organization that fosters professionalism among appraisers by setting qualifications and standards.
StreetLinks provides appraisals nationwide that are fully compliant with FHA, HVCC and all other current and pending regulations. An innovator in the appraisal management marketplace with its industry-first Certificate of Compliance and TILA-Trigger technology, StreetLinks performs manual quality control review of every appraisal and offers a 100 Percent Loss Warranty of Appraisal Quality.
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