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DocuSign releases Exclusive REALTOR Edition for NAR members
Mar 09, 2010

DocuSign, a provider of on-demand electronic signature solutions, has announced the release of DocuSign REALTOR Edition. This exclusive eSignature service is specifically tailored for and available to members of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR). DocuSign REALTOR Edition includes a rich feature set with special NAR member-only branding. The release of DocuSign REALTOR Edition follows NAR’s announcement of DocuSign as the official and exclusive ESIGN provider for its 1.1 million members under the association’s REALTOR Benefits Program. “This REALTOR-branded version of DocuSign is a direct result of the collaboration between NAR and DocuSign. It is a representation of the power of what good partnerships can bring to the real estate industry and more importantly, reinforces why all real estate professionals benefit from NAR’s REALTOR Benefits Program,” said Bob Goldberg, senior vice president of marketing and business development, commercial services and business specialties for NAR. “We are looking forward to the future and watching how the increased adoption of DocuSign’s e-signature services will revolutionize the industry.” DocuSign REALTOR® Edition builds upon DocuSign’s award-winning eSignature service offerings and includes the following features: • Branded signature: NAR members have the option to adopt an exclusive REALTOR® branded e-signature to further promote NAR membership status with the distinguished and trusted REALTOR logo. • Online dashboard: An intuitive, secure REALTOR-branded console is available to members anytime, anywhere, enabling busy professionals to check the status of every document in real-time. Senders know when documents are opened, when they are signed, the time the transaction has taken and which documents remain to be signed. • Branded templates: REALTOR-branded email communications reinforce and leverage NAR’s stringent code of ethics with signers and/or customers. • Integration with real estate tools: DocuSign REALTOR Edition seamlessly works with a broad variety of real estate software tools, including e-forms and online file management systems. • Mobile signing: DocuSign Designed for Mobile functionality offers anywhere, anytime electronic signing of documents from an Apple iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Google Android and other mobile devices. • Workflow optimization: DocuSign makes it easy for REALTORS to control the recipient signing order, and set automated recipient signing reminders and envelope expirations to accelerate the signing process. Plus, time-saving workflows and templates to streamline the signing process. “Real estate professionals everywhere are discovering the power of DocuSign to accelerate business and increase customer satisfaction in a fiercely competitive market,” said Dave Thorpe, business development director at DocuSign. “We anticipate the momentum of new DocuSign subscribers to increase even faster now with NAR’s recommendation and support of the release of our new DocuSign REALTOR Edition. This new, powerful DocuSign offering is specifically tailored for REALTORS and a definite game-changer for 2010.” For more information, visit or
Mar 09, 2010
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